Best PD ever…it was personal

Today was extremely enlightening! We completed the Change Style Indicator. This is published by Discovery Learning International. This is truly the most accurate piece of the personality assessment activities we have done this week. (We will have more at our retreat in the fall. I can’t wait!)

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Elevator speech: How we each react to change is a unique part of our make-ups. There’s neither good nor bad, but there is a range with the majority of people landing in the middle as pragmatist. Clearly not me. So, pragmatist is in the middle and to the left are conservers (rule followers) and to the right are originators (wild outlandish wide open thinkers and starters.)

I’m an originator and I didn’t even know it—well at least I didn’t know it was a thing. I just knew I was very different from just about every educator, boss, friend, and family member that I know. I’m not lonely out there; I’m just different. To process this I will review 1) the characteristics, 2) my behavior in a group dynamic and how I need to turn that into something productive and how I can better help myself and others when in a group. (Two can be a group too.) Sounds fun, right?

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Characteristics of an originator that I qualify for: The only constant is change—so true in my classroom. I change seating arrangements regularly. I try new things probably weekly. I’m super excited to try something new. I’m about dangerous as I try out ideas from a new book. Sometimes I try them before I truly understand what’s really intended. I’m really honest with my kids about trying new things in my classroom. My desk is a complete mess, but if you need the locker list or the post-it note I wrote my gynecologist’s phone number on, I can grab it in a second. I really want to be organized, but I just can’t see it through. I love to have multiple projects going on at home at once. I have boxes of unfinished projects at home. I have an electric bass that I’m going to learn to play. The quilt I was making for my husband for a wedding present is about a third done. In a box. In the attic. I got married in 1987, I think? Details are not important. You get the idea. It’s just who I am.

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To a group I bring big ideas—that may not work—but they may. I approach group problems in a multitude of ways all at the same time. Look, there’s a squirrel. Before you can shoot me down, I’ve come up with six other approaches that may work. The idea that you want to try that is the same thing as we did last year isn’t going fly. Let it go. I need a pragmatist to help me get the conservers to MOVE! I need to be heard once in a while, but I need to listen more. I need to try to enhance what the plan is rather than get pissed that they aren’t going to test out something on 1,000 kids and their parents and then try to fix it. I get it!!! Finally. And here, I thought people just didn’t like me. We just didn’t understand one another. Or appreciate one another’s strengths.

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So let’s take a bit of a personal detour here. My husband does not allow me to rearrange the furniture every week. This is a good thing. He loves that I fix something new and different to eat that nobody has ever heard of as long as it’s good. (OMG, sautéed green beans and beet green stems. Pretty and delicious.) He also tolerates me making all the pillows and coats and leather crap I want. And take a felting class! My English teacher partner for the past 6, maybe 7, years reigns me in in the most delicate, beautiful, loving way. I’m out-there, but she grounds me. These are the 2 two most important people in my life on a daily basis (relax Austin, Kari, Mom, Dad, Beth, Becca—read that last phrase please). I’m lucky they each love me.

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Whoa baby. What to do with all of this? I’m excited. I did Myers Briggs. OK, fine. I’m a INTF. I’m also a Capricorn. BFD. I could read about any of those and they would be believable. But not this. This IS AMAZING. Thanks for listening.



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